Finding my new compass for 2019

Our compass has been shaken a fair amount since I wrote the post. I have been developing a new focus for this spring and summer and also started working on a lot of it.

Our wedding

Our wedding is obviously still the biggest event this year! When we get back from Japan we will start the planning more seriously (I have of course already started brainstorming about everything just because I think it is so much fun!!). I will share posts on our wedding planning during the process! Since the wedding is all about us and our love there will be a lot of focus on our relationship during this spring and summer!

My health

This area has sailed up the importance ladder since I now have more time and I really feel that I want to prioritize my health again which has been lagging behind for the last year pretty much. I have been to the health consultation and have a couple different things I need to fix realting to my stomach and nutrient deficiencies. I have started tackling them and will continue during the spring because it isn’t an easy fix.

I have bought a gym membership at a gym down the street and have already been there twice. I have set up a new routine around that since going to the gym at work didn’t work for me and wasn’t very fun. I feel a lot more inspired and free to go when I want now and it’s nice not to try to fit it in at work when it’s competeing with meetings and hectic days. I’m planning to go once during the work week and then one weekend morning. Since I have divided it into two times a week it doesn’t have to be so time consuming and I can go straight home and not back to work.

My birthday present from my mum was an Oura ring that I have been wanting for a while. It is a health tracker mostly for sleep but also activity that will help my figure out how to optimize my sleep. Since we sleep a third of our life and realy affects your health it is a very important part to optimize. I have also started meditating with a heart rate variability monitor from Heart Math that guides you into the right state of mind for meditating (or coherence as it is called). I’m setting up a routine to meditate 5 min per day to start with. I will also do Shinrin-yoku (Japanese for forest bathing) when walking the LIL wolf on weekends.


The focus of this area has shifted since we no longer have access to a garden to grow vegetables except for small scale on our balcony/indoors which we will start after Japan. Instead I will dive into foraging for wild food. I have bought a book of edible plants so I will try to broaden my knowledge of the area. This so I can collect plants when we are out with the LIL wolf on the weekends.

I have also jumped at a great opportunity to learn about animal husbandry. I have signed up to be a volunteer for a 4H farm where I’ll be looking after the animals about once a month. The farm has horses, goats, cows, pigs, hens and rabbits. It has the potential to both be very fun since I love animals and very educational. I will be able to learn about all the animals in a very safe and controlled setting.


I want to develop my photography skills. At the moment I have automatic settings on my camera but want to work more with agjusting settings and taking beautiful pictures. Ever since I took a photography class in gymnasiet (Swedish high school) I have been interested but I haven’t focused on it or tried to learn more. But now I have my stand and I will set out to develop my skills too.

So my compass for 2019 will be a bit different from what I thought at the beginning of the year. But I still feel excited and happy for the year to come!

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