First raspberries from our garden

We planted raspberry bushes in april and now we have eaten our first raspberries! There are lots more to come too. Our cherry tree produced three cherries this year but unfortunately I think the birds took them. If we get more next year we will have to find a way to keep the birds away.

It’s still super hot and it will continue for at least 10 more days accordning to the weather. It’s been extremely hot for more than a month which is very unusal weather for Swedish summer. It is usually 20-25 degrees with quite a bit of rain. I am very sick of being indoors. I was looking forward to spending lots of time outside and hanging out on our lounge furniture. Although the AC is great and the only way we can survive I just want to be able to be outside during the day. It’s way too hot for both Little LIL and the little wolf (and me!) even in the shade. And since Little LIL isn’t supposed to be in the sun we are confined to the indoors and the little shade we get on the back of the house.

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