Fixing our outdoor space

We (mostly Mr LIL) has spent the last couple of weeks working on our garden and outdoor space. We had a number of different projects on our list and still have some left but we have come a long way! First off we had to dig out an area where we were going to extend our deck and build a new parking place for our second car. We used all the material that we dug up to fix the slope on the back.

I had pre ordered a cherry tree, raspberry bushes and a red currant bush that arrived just after so we (Mr LIL) planted them.

The next project was fixing the parking place and laying paving stones. We decided that it was a job for a proper paver since it needs to be completely flat and something that would have taken Mr LIL a long time took a day for the pavers.

After the parking space was done we started on the fence at the front of the house. I want to be able to let the LIL wolf out without worrying if she will run away. First we had to paint all the planks which I could help out with a little. But mostly it has been Mr LIL and my dad that has painted and built the fence.

Last weekend Mr LIL and my dad extended the deck and built the first of the two gates. It went incredibly fast so pretty much in one day the deck was finished. There are some small stuff left which Mr LIL and his dad will finish off tomorrow.

So as you see Mr LIL has been very busy. Since we’re having a baby we will mostly be home and it will be such a lovely space to spend the summer!

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