Growing our own food part two

Me and Mr LIL are learning how to grow our own food. Our first step was growing salad and herbs indoors, read more in my post growing our own salad. We harvested everything we had grown before we went on our ski trip so now we are starting again. Growing salad indoors went really well, beyond expectation, and you enjoy eating something so much more when you’ve grown it yourself. We also learnt that spinach really doesn’t grow well indoors and that we didn’t particularly like one of the salad varieties that we have grown so now on to part two with a different set up.

We have started planting the seedlings for our strategy of growing some stuff inside, some on our balcony and hopefully some in my dads garden. So this time we have planted tomatoes, bell pepper, chili pepper, parsley, basilica and salad. The plan is to keep the salad, bell peppers, chili peppers, basilica and parsley indoors and then to put all the tomatoes and squash (which we will plant in April) on the balcony. In my dads garden we want to try growing vegetables in pallets. Here we are thinking carrots, onions, sugar snaps, spinach and some other vegetables but it depends on how much we want to take on our first year.

Using the floor for planting our seeds

We have been saving the plastic food packging to use as starter pots for plants and also our baking trays as bases for them so that we don’t have to buy lots of new plastic trays.

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