Growing our own salad

Me and Mr LIL have dove into a new area of interest: growing our own food! Growing your own food is appealing to us for several reasons:

  • no pesticides
  • no ecosystem destruction
  • no transportation
  • no packaging
  • increasing our self-sufficiency
  • cheaper
  • healthier
  • and fun!

We are starting small with growing our own lettuce and herbs indoors during winter and then when spring comes around we’ll start growing vegetables on the balcony and at my dads or brothers house. The set up that we have started with indoors is some grow lights and mini box greenhouses, two glass greenhouses (I don’t think you need them but it is easier to retain moisture)  and some pots. This is what we did:

  1. we put a layer of soil in each little compartment
  2. put some seeds in each
  3. covered with a thin layer of soil
  4. used a spray bottle to water the seeds properly
  5. covered it with plastic and put it under the lamps (although the seeds don’t need light to germinate just warmth)
  6. water a lot since the soil isn’t supposed to get dry because the salad will taste bitter and place under light (30 cm from the leaves) when the seedlings have started to emerge
  7. we have the lights on for about 12-14 hours a day (we have energy efficient LED lights)
  8. when the plants had grown real leaves (not the two first heart leaves) I removed the smaller ones and put in separate pots
  9.  I mixed some organic fertiziler and sprayed some on after a couple of weeks (or if the leaves start turning yellow)
the heart leaves have started emerging
Maybe a month later

What’s great is that if you just take some leaves the salad and herbs will continue growing new leaves so you can get a couple of harvests from each plant. We are really happy with how it has turned out. We lost some plants along the way that dried up but most of them survived and have given us plenty of salad and herbs. The feeling that we actually managed to grow the plants ourselves, having to wait for the results and then be able to eat them gives us imense satisfaction. I also love knowing that no pesticides were used, that I don’t even have to rinse the salad before eating. This is the first step towards being more self sustaining when it comes to food.

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