Hard decision

Yesterday we bought a car!! Me and John had been discussing it for a while. It was a hard decision since we both don’t really want a car unless it is an electric one of course. We looked into electric cars and electric hybrids but unfortunately they are still too exepensive both new and second hand for us to afford at this stage. The development of them is going really fast though so we’re planning that our next car (If we still need one at that stage) will definitely be a full electric/electric hybrid!

We need a car mostly so John can get to work at about half the time and when you start at 6.30 it makes a huge difference to be able to sleep 40 min longer. He also needs to be able to get to the building projects he has when they’re not close to public transport. But in general it will be great to have one to be able to take Lilly to the big parks around us in the evenings and also to get out to the summer place or other outings on the weekends.

So we decided to buy a small car with low fuel consumption second hand. It was the most environmentally friendly way we could do it at this point. After many reviews of cars and looking at long lists of fuel consumption we decided on a VW Polo with fuel consumption between 0,47-0,59 l/10 km. We’ve been borrowing my mums Polo and are very happy with that one so it was nice to choose a car where we knew what we were getting.

Since it’s not an electric car we will still think about our driving habits to limit unnecessary driving and I will still mostly use my electric bike to get to work and things within biking distance. If we notice in the future that we don’t need it that much we will reevaluate but for now it feels like a good decision eventhough it was a hard one. It will arrive today so I will take some photos later.

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