Honeymoon bliss

We’ve been back from our honeymoon for just over a week. There have been things going on since we got back that has taken all my energy but now it is settled so I hope to get back to my normal blogging routine! I will get back to you with that in my next blog post. But first a run through of our honeymoon!!

I have never been on such a relaxing trip. We could do exactly what we wanted when we wanted it. We slept probably 10 hours every night and ate when we were hungry no matter what time it was. Swam in the sea and sunbathed on the terrace. It was really hot so we felt no shame in lying inside in the AC watching series and movies when we wanted to do that. We mixed eating out and at home. We went on two outings where we hiked, went jet skiing and out on a sailing boat but otherwise we pretty much hung out in the apartment and on the terrace which was amazing. There was nothing we needed to do and no time to relate too. It was the perfect honeymoon!

It is wonderful though that both me and Mr LIL have a very hard time tolerating heat, we don’t like sand or salty water and like having projects to do. Spain was the perfect bubble for our honeymoon but we weren’t dreading to go home, rather we were looking forward to the crisp air, the forest and of course the LIL wolf. We have a Swedish phrase “borta bra men hemma bäst” which means “away is good but home is best” which really fits in on us.

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