Life in corona times

It is a very interesting time right now. Corona has spread over the world and most countries including Sweden are looking at a steep curve of new cases each day without knowing when it’s going to change. Sweden has quite a different approach than most countries that at this time have closed down completetly.

The Swedish strategy is to put in place systems that can hold over time. At the moment we have a ban of events with more than 50 people, universities and gymnasiums (high school) are doing classes online and there is a ban against visits to hospitals and rest homes. Otherwise there are some recommendations in place on how to act in these times for example be at home when you are sick plus two extra days and to work from home if you can in the Stockholm region. The Swedish people are prone to listening to recommendations which means that less bans need to be put in place to minimize risk. We also have underlying social systems so that people can afford to be at home if they are sick or be home with children who are sick. Sweden is also quite a digitalized country that means many can work from home.

We are still allowed to travel on public transportation and cross country transportation, most work places, shops, restaurants, gyms and ski resorts are open, pre-, lower and middle schools are still open, sports activities are still running and we are still allowed to meet in groups. Time will tell of our strategy will work and if the financial fallout will be milder because of it. Of course there could be much harsher restrictions similar to what other countries are doing in the near future if it starts looking like our strategy isn’t working.

Because of Swedens approach corona hasn’t affected our lives that much yet. Me and Mr LIL are healthy so we can still meet people. I am working from home because most of my job can be done online. I have set up a home office and spend my lunch break on the balcony if the sun is out. I’m dropping the LIL wolf to doggy daycare as usual so get a 45 min walk there and back every morning. Mr LIL is still going to work by car as normal. Since our free time comprises of walks with the LIL wolf and meeting people usually in peoples homes nothing has changed there. We have met some of our friends and family the past week. The only thing is of course washing our hands constantly, making sure the people we meet are healthy and we are avoiding public transport. Some pictures from my week:

Our house is almost finished which is good since we are moving in three weeks!! So glad that we bought and sold before the corona crisis. We haven’t been able to see the inside yet because of corona so we don’t know how the proportions and measurements are. We will hopefully get to go inside before we move in. We are excited but also a bit nervous to see how moving will turn out in corona times. But we just have to be flexible!

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