Life lesson – everything doesn’t go as planned

We won’t be building or moving into the tiny house. The project is over for us. My dad’s partner couldn’t take me and Mr LIL being so close to them. We were aparently encroaching on her life. She said that she had been feeling for weeks that she wasn’t comfotable with us so close to her and finally she snapped. Unfortunately she had focused all her anger on Mr LIL that unfairly had to take the incredibly hurtful outburst eventhough it wasn’t about him. The whole situation was extremely badly handled from their side. After that there was no going back. We could never live at the mercy of someone that acted in the way that she did and she realized that the root of her anger was that she didn’t want us there.

It’s a crazy feeling discussing where the outlets should be one minute and then next minute never going there to build again. There are also multiple layers where we have to try to patch together the relationship with my dad that has taken a hit over this and also realizing that our plan of downsizing, saving money and getting to have a garden is just gone. Now we are back to the place we were last summer and we have poured so much time and energy into this project that will amount to nothing. It is quite a blow and hard to have our vision of where we were going to live shattered. Me, Mr LIL and my dad naviely went forward with this project thinking that we would be able to make it work since the idea itself was so good but we should have been more realistic about potential risks.

But there is nothing to do about it but to recouperate and then move on. It is not like me and Mr LIL are stranded in any way and we have exciting things to look forward to this year like going to Japan soon and planning our wedding! We will just have to figure out what our next step is when we have gotten our energy back. Right now we are pretty exhausted so the three weeks before we go to Japan will be spent recharging our batteries.

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