Life Update

Its been quiet on the blog lately for a couple of reasons. Mostly because I have been studying for an exam and doing group work in the course that I have been attending during the autumn. I did the exam today so I can finally relax and not feel that I should be studying.

We are also in the midst of getting everything ready to put our apartment up for sale on Friday. Very exciting and nerve racking! We’ve moved a lot if things to the attic to get it ready for the showing next weekend. Another step towards moving into our new house!

The Christmas holiday was first very intensive with lots of family gatherings which was then followed by a relaxing time in the archipelago with some friends. We went on lots of walks, cooked good food, played board games and spent time in the sauna. I’ve been back to work since last week and getting back into my routines.

Unfortunately the weather is unusually warm. Instead of snow and minus degrees we’ve had 5-10 degrees plus for months. It feels like we’re stuck in late autumn weather even though its January. Like the summer of 2018 when we we’re stuck in months and months of really hot weather. I cant help but feel like the changes in climate are getting more and more noticable… This is what winter should be like in my book:

Last winter

I have also found MovNat which has me totally inspired to learn natural movement! I will write more about this soon! I feel that this will be a big part of Wild Woman 2020!

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