Little LIL

Little LIL is three weeks now 🙂 She arrived on the 12th of June (which was 1 week and 1 day after my due date), it went well and we’re all healthy. It was the most intense and magical experience I have ever been through. Life has taken on a different focus and I am loving it. I was so ready to be a mother and it feels so wonderful that she’s finally here. My days are built up around little LIL: breast feeding, changing diapers, walks with the pram, cuddling and breaks inbetween when she’s sleeping. Mr LIL is back at work now (in Sweden you get two weeks off from work as a dad when the baby is born) so I am figuring out our days when I am alone. The great thing is that my mother is a teacher so gets long summer holidays and then she is retiring this autumn. She’s been over to help two days a week which is such a luxury and so great that she gets to build a relationship with little LIL from the start.

Since she was born its been super hot so we have been trying to stay cool as best we can. Heat and a newborn don’t go well together so we’ve been inside with an AC we bought mostly and then been out in the evenings.

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