Living a simpler life

Simple living is something that I have been thinking a lot about since it’s obviously connected to frugality and low impact life. I think it is a reaction to all the stress, information overload, consumtion and the pressure to constantly be busy and productive that surrounds us on a daily basis. We’re supposed to work a full time exciting and fulfilling job, transport yourself to that job, have quality time with your significant other (and children), exercise multiple times a week, cook delicious homemade meals, have a spotless home, have a vibrant social life with lots of friends and family, have fun and engaging hobbies, travel to exotic and exciting places and have time to yourself. It is unsustainable to try to do all of these and do them perfectly which society expects us to do. Just reading that sentence makes me exhausted…

About two years ago I was trying to do everything. Working a full time job, meeting friends after work almost every day, cooking food, exercising a couple times a week and meeting Mr LIL on weekends since we lived in different cities at the time. I almost got burnt out even though none of these things were extreme. During that period I identified that I am an introvert. What I mean by that is not that I’m a social outcast that hates people it just means that I get energy from being by myself (in comparison to extroverts that get energy from being with people). So my super hectic life was draining me of energy and I had no time to charge. I decided then that I needed to plan my week with days in between seeing friends or doing stuff that were meant for time to be by myself and relax. This was a life changing moment since I was quite sucked into the extrovert norm of always hanging out with people and that it is weird to sit home alone that started in university.

It has taken time to accept that I can’t do everything and I have had to learn to say no to things when I feel that I don’t have the energy. That way I can plan so that when I hang out with people I bring a fully charged and focused person to the table which makes the time together so much more enjoyable. Since I actively took control over my weeks my life has really slowed down and I have created a nice balance between doing things and relaxing that works for me. The pressure of the life with dinners out/bars/partying which is the norm of friday plans of young(ish) people without kids has lifted. Now I can really enjoy having a friday plan to “just” read a book (with a glass of wine), cook dinner with Mr LIL, go for a walk with the LIL wolf and then go to bed quite early.


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