Midsummer weekend

Me, Mr LIL and the LIL wolf spent midsummer weekend in the archipelago with another couple and their dog. It was amazing weather the whole weekend and what made it even better is that they have a pool! We spent a lot of time in and around the pool and we almost got a feeling of being abroad. Here is our weekend in pictures:

The little house we slept in
The pool!
The dogs where having a great time playing and resting with eachother
Midsummer lunch – pickled herring is what Swedes eat for every holiday (Christmas, Easter and Midsummer) and don’t forget the Snaps!
Dancing around the midsummer pole is another tradition
It was a beautiful sunset
We played board games in the evenings or when we got tired of the sun
We took a trip on the boat the day after midsummer to buy ice cream
We picked blueberries…
…and made blueberry pie!
We also played video games! An old game that we played as kids just got released again 🙂

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