My compass for 2019

2019 is going to be a big year for the LIL family! I am very excited for eveything that is coming and at the same time I know it is going to be a very intensive year. It is very important to have a clear heading so that all the amazing things don’t clash with eachother and just stresses us out instead. I have five areas that are a focus for 2019:

Our wedding

Our wedding is the biggest event this year (and one of the biggest events of my life). Around 6-4 months out we will start the planning more seriously (I have of course already started brainstorming about everything just because I think it is so much fun!!). We are fixing most of it ourselves (except for the food which will be catered) because the ceremony will be held outside and the reception dinner and party will be in a huge party tent. This is just as we want it but it will take some organizing!

Tiny house

As you might have noticed here on the blog building the house is taking up most of our time at the moment. This will continue to be our priority until we are done although we will have a break for 2,5 weeks when we go to Japan in February/March. Depending on the progress of the house hopefully late spring will mark the start of the process of moving from our apartment of 64m2 to the tiny house which is 25m2. In other words: major down sizing! We also have to find tenants for our apartment. I really enjoy working on the house and am so excited to see it emerge during spring.


We have two big trips this year! First off is Japan in the end of February/beginning of March to go skiing and exploring Kyoto and Tokyo. This will be such a fascinating trip and I am very much looking forward to the skiing. Our second big trip will be our honeymoon and we haven’t completely decided yet where we will go. We just know that we want to go a day or two after the wedding. We will start planning this trip when we get back from Japan because then it will be about 6 months before hand.

Our garden

Since we are moving to our garden (which is at my dads house) I want grow lots of vegetables! This means we have to start the seedlings in our apartment around March. Quite a lot of time is needed to tend to the garden so we’ll see how ambitious we will be this year. On the other hand we will probably be at my dads house building and then we will have moved in so we will be close to the garden this year.

My health

I always have a focus on my health which is the most important thing of all (see Back to Nature page) so I don’t want to loose sight of that during this year when we are going to be busy. I want to keep to my routine of exercising at the gym once a week, especially now for our upcoming ski trip and of course being in great shape for our wedding doesn’t hurt. I also want to stick to eating healthy. There has been a lot of cheating over christmas but now that will stop. Meditation is something I want to add to my life so that is a routine I want to get into. Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that means forest bathing. The concept really hit home and I want to spend more time in the forest just soaking it in. I am doing a health consultation at the end of January to get a more personalized view of my health and will work on implementing whatever comes out of that session.

Other parts that are in play

We have some other parts of our life that will continue like it has during 2018. We will still be working full time. Our third member of the LIL family, the LIL wolf, is a big part of our life. We are of course still working towards financial independence and optimizing our spending although most of this is automated at this point. We also want to have some time to spend with family and friends. I love writing this blog and taking photos so those things I want to keep up and get better at. There might also be a couple of other projects that I will tell you about when they are more formed and decided upon. So to summarize it: there are lots of things happening during 2019 and I am so excited!!

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