New chapter 2018-2020

It was really exciting to start my new job yesterday! It really feels like a new chapter and the start of the coming three years, 2018-2020.

Me and Mr LIL have decided to plan our life in three year periods (I love planning!!). It is a more managable period to picture than 5 years but also long enough to have some long term goals and the time to achieve them. Since we met three years ago this turn of the year is the end of our first three year period together (read more what we’ve been up to during 2017 in my end of year post here).

So now comes our next three years which will be a quite different period than the one that we’ve had now. The previous period 2015-2017 we worked on setting up the infrastructure for our life these coming three years. It has been full with big decisions ( i.e. buying an apartment and a dog), sorting things out (for me a lot of emotional baggage that was dealt with successfully) and figuring out our goals for our life. The next period will instead be a more stable period where our focus will be on working hard, saving all the money that we can and working out how to spend our free time in a frugal and enjoyable way (long walks with the LIL wolf is definately at the top of that list). Since I am a creature of habit I am looking forward to this period of stability but also knowing that we have large goals ahead planning for them at the same time.

A couple of months after we met in early 2015


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