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How easily one falls into the mindset of buying new stuff. Since my buy nothing year I have been quite good, I wouldn’t say great, at not buying things. I mostly buy things second hand if I do buy something but I have still bought some new things. Without a clear goal it is easy to fall into the lure of buying new things.

We have brought most our furniture with us but our move has still lead to quite a lot of new purchases. We of course had to buy some building material for putting up our new wall which I feel is okay. Most of the tools we needed we already had or could borrow from my dad. I tried to keep an eye on Blocket (second hand buying site) but we ended up buying everything on the list below new. It is very unlike us but for different reasons we fell into the buying new hole.

Things that we have bought:

  • A new bed is our biggest purchase. We hadn’t planned on buying a new bed but quickly realized that we would never get our 160cm bed up the tight stairs. So we bought two 90cm matrasses that you build together. We wanted to buy a new bed because we feel slightly uncomfortable sleeping in a used bed. We also see this bed as something that we will have pretty much the rest of our lives. You can take off the cover and wash if needed.
  • Bedside tables. ths was a purchase that we did because we liked them and want to get the room upstairs finished. We could have found something on Blocket but we went with buying new.
  • Dresser for my clothes. We tried to reuse some parts of a dresser that we already have but Ikea changed the size so we bought a new one. We wanted it to match the one we aleady had and needed a specific size to fit.
  • A side board for the kitchen. It was a very special size so I had a hard time finding it on Blocket.
  • Hallway storage. Also a special size so hard to find.
  • Curtains and blinds. Hard to find on Blocket and need to be custom made for our bedroom because of our strange windows.
  • Bathroom and door mats. Not that weird to not buy second hand.
  • Sit cushion for the floor. We wanted something to have on the floor to sit on. Bought it because we wanted it.
  • Lamps for the hallway downstairs and upstairs. Hard to find the right ones on Blocket.
  • Shelving system for our storage space we built on the second floor. Also hard to find on Blocket. we could have built it ourselves but we found a good system that was premade.
  • Outdoor table and chairs with cushions. I had a very specific look in mind and maybe eventually it would have come along on Blocket. It was a sale on at Ikea for the table that we got so we went with it.

Although it doesn’t feel like such a long list the mindset of buying things new is the worrying part. I could feel myself justifying other purchases that we really didn’t need. Thankfully Mr LIL has a more stable relationship to buying things (meaning he rarely buys anything at all) and could stop me in my weak moments. I have now realized what has happened and started exercising my buy nothing new/only second hand muscle again. The amount of packaging we have been throwing out is sickening. The remaining things on the list I’m looking for second hand – a chair for the desk, an outdoor sofa and a small table for our armchair in the bedroom.

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