November weekend

It was a very gray Saturday in the archipelago. A typical Swedish late autumn day. November is not one of my favorite months of the year…. There isn’t much colour since all the leaves have fallen from the trees and it get’s really dark but I’m trying to appreciate all the seasons and months so I was looking for positive aspects. We took a long walk and it was really nice to be outside and I noted that there actually is quite a lot of green in the forest still. We happened upon a strech of forest where we foraged LOTS of mushrooms! Yum! By four o’clock it’s pitch black since there are no streetlights on the island. But being inside by the fire is very cozy when it is dark outside. We went in the sauna before dinner which is so relaxing. Today the sun came out for a little while and we took another walk. It felt like we haven’t seen the sun in weeks! It was lovely to have the sun playing over my face for a bit.

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