One month left!

It feels crazy that it´s only one month left until I am due. I am so excited to meet her now and I wonder what she will look like and if she will resemble me or Mr LIL at all. My body is feeling very heavy and sore which isn’t a surprise since I am carrying around lots of extra weight. It is so fascinating that the body can go through such a big change and be able to create and birth a baby! Little LIL weighs 2,6kg now and is fully developed. So the last weeks are just for her to put on more weight. I am excited and nervous about giving birth. I think it will be a very special experience with the best reward at the end but not knowing what to expect and how I will deal with the process is the nervous part.

Next week is the last week that I am working which is very nice since I am quite tired and have a hard time finding comfortable positions to work in. Though working from home helps a lot since I can vary my position a lot. Then I will just take it easy and the last weeks we will be isolated so that we don’t risk getting corona. It’s hard to wrap my head around that she can come any moment now but also that it could be another 1,5 months. I am trying to keep an open mind and think that by the middle of June she will have arrived.

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