Our vacation in pictures

Now me and Mr LIL are back at work after three weeks of vacation. It has really been so amazing and we had amazing weather. So warm and sunny! It is always hard to go back to work but since it is only two weeks until we have a vacation again to get married and go on our little honeymoon (we are going on our proper honeymoon to Canada next summer) we┬┤re not complaining too much. Here are some pictures from our vacation:

I absolutely love ferns! That’s why we are having them incorporated into our wedding
We spent a couple of days on different projects on our deck to our house
trying to create some shade on our very sunny deck
Finished with the stairs, trellis and a growing box!
Aperol spritz after work
Evening swims!
and swimming during the day!
We picked and ate lots of berries
I went to a spa with my mum for two days
We spent a couple of days at our summer place with our friends over Mr LILs birthday. Lots of swimming involved! And the day after it was time for Mr LILs stag party
We spent two days at our friends summer place (where they have a pool) after Mr LILs stag party
Then we went to the skiresort Idre with our friends and their dog and did day hikes for a long weekend. So beautiful and perfect hiking weather.

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