Pregnancy update

I’m in week 27 now which means that I’ve been pregnant for around six months and have three months to go now! It feels like I have been been pregnant for a long time but at the same time the weeks feel like they’re flying by now. I can’t really understand that in 3 months we are going to meet our little baby. My stomach is getting big now and there is no doubt that I am pregnant. We have been taking pictures every week to track the size of my belly. Here is a picture from every month so far:

Little LIL is now around 36,5cm long and weighs 900g! If she was to be born now she has good chances of surviving which is really nice to know but it is of course much better if she stays put until week 40. She is bouncing around and kicking many times a day which I love. It makes me focus on what is important, that I am relaxed and happy! I am trying to avoid stress as much as I can. Working 75% helps a lot since I have more time and energy to do what I want. I have some back pain that comes and goes but other than that and starting to feel a bit heavy I am feeling great!

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