Program about different lives

When I was sick I watched a six part program on SVT play called Kalles sex liv (Kalles six lives) where the host visits 6 families that live a very different life from the 9 to 5 materialistic hamster wheel that most of society are on.

One couple are biking around the world and will be away for 4 years. They sold their “perfect” apartment in Uppsala along with all their stuff and quit their jobs.

The next couple are permaculturists in Dalarna. They live in a 6 square meter cabin and they are almost completely self sufficient. They have solarcells, grow most of their food and raise livestock.

One woman lives in a hunting cabin in the north of Sweden most of the year and spends the time hunting and trapping in the wilderness.

The fourth couple live in their van and travel around for surfing, climbing and hiking. In the winter they rent a place and work and then spend the rest of the year in their van.

The fifth family live half the year on a farm as if they were in the 19th century.

The last episode will be out on Wednesday. I think the program is really good! It made me reflect and really sort my priorites again. To make sure that we don’t just go along with the life that “society” ┬áhas laid out for us (work more and get into more debt to buy bigger homes, have a large wedding, have at least two children and constantly buy more and more stuff and comforts). The program was a reminder that there are lots of variations on how to live a happy life that don’t include all of those things. Maybe our dream isn’t to bike around the world but we still need to question every decision to make sure we’re on the path that leads to where we want to be.

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