Review of the year 2017

Today is the last day of 2017 and looking back on 2017 it is very clear that this was a year of major things happening. It has been an intensive but great year where we’ve laid the foundations for our life the coming couple of years.

We started things off with buying our apartment on the 25th of January!!

We then went skiing in the French alps for a week in the beginning of March.

During April we both moved out of the apartment we were renting and then after two weeks into our new apartment on the 14th of April.

We also decided during April that we were going to get a dog, settled on the breed and gotten in touch with a breeder so that by the 30th of April we had visited the puppies.

LIL wolf turned out to be the grumpy one on the left

On the 14th of May the blog turned one year old! Quite the mile stone since I didn’t know if I was going to it.

We brought the 8 week old LIL wolf home on 24th of May. We then had two weeks off and very little sleep since we had to get up every two-three hours every night to take her out…

Summer was spent mostly at Mr LILs familys summer place in the archipelago where we got to move into the newly built little house and call it ours. Midsummer and Mr LILs birthday was celebrated there.

On the 16th of August we bought a car?!? (read more in my post here)

The 19th of August I achieved one of my life goals: run 10km! Which I did during a race in inner city Stockholm. Considering I hadn’t been running for months it was pretty cool that I made it!

During September I found the amazing comcept of frugality which is a huge step on the road towards being able to acheive our long-term goals. The 12th of September was the start to my buy nothing new year. So far still going strong (not counting the material for growing salad)!

The 1st of October marks the start of my happiness project, read more here.

The 25th of October I got a new job!!

We spent a long weekend in London with my family in the begining of November.

I worked my last day at my old work place on the 30th of November.

During December I have had four weeks of freedom and one more to go before I start my new job on the 8th of January. Our three year anniversary was on the 12th of December and I turned 27th on the 27th of December.

It’s been quite the year! Next year I am looking forward to settling into our life that we have created! Frugality is going to be a major part of this coming year and also figuring out how to live happily and comfortably on less. Since neither of us are interested in being mainstream or really care that much what people think I think that it will be a fun challenge for us. Since I’m doing my happiness project I have resolutions for every month I don’t have any special ones for the new year. In any case I usually review the year and set resolutions in August/September. I find that I have more energy for resolutions in summer (inspiration doesn’t usually strike me in the middle of the cold and dark Swedish winter…). Happy new year everyone!!

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