ReWild yourself – Daniel Vitalis

My newest hero that I have added to my list is Daniel Vitalis. He is an inspiring person that talkes about the domestication of the human species. We are not unlike other animals that have been domesticated since we, like them, no longer can survive in the wild if “released”. Instead we live in a kind of human factory farm which we call cities. The point of a factory farm as you know is to raise animals and plants as quickly as possible to gain maximum output with minimium input (or thought of health, happiness or longevity). If we look at todays society we can recognise this trend. Humans are raised on food that is not the healthiest only the food that is cheapest or in most abundance, drink water that is a chemical slurry, we are enclosed in houses or work cubicles most of our day without fresh air or sunlight and we are rarely outside in our natural habitat. In short, todays society is trying to get maximum output which is labor and taxes with minimal input regarding health, happiness and longevity of the species that is being farmed.

I think that he has really gotten to the heart of how life for most humans is like. There are so many unhealthy and unhappy people that are just running in the hamster wheel that is society today. Instead of being in charge of procuring shelter, food and a mate and our health and happiness on our own or locally we are totally dependent on governments and companies to give us these things. Not unlike the cow in its stall that is totally dependent on the farmer. Throw in the fact that our human factory farm has no regard for resource consumption and waste management and here we have all the environmental issues that we face.

So what can we do? Daniel compares the solution to a zoo. It is unrealistic to think that humans could go back to the wild and live of foraging and hunting (and there is little wilderness left these days). But if you instead examine the concept zoo you see that this might be the way to go. In a zoo the health, happiness and longevity of the animals is at the center. You try to set the enironment up so that it’s similar to the species natural habitat. You give it food that will nourish it and you make sure it can  excersice its natural behaviours and the most important part: thrive. So maybe we should start looking at what our natural habitat, food and behaviours are like and try to build our society around that instead of just building the farms bigger and bigger. Look at what make the species humans happy instead of just trying to get maximum output?

What is so great is that if you get down to the core of the human being it is not much that we actually need to trive. Food, water, shelter, movement, purposeful activities, a mate and a community (all of this close to nature of course).  Compare this to society today where we instead get processed food, toxic environments, artificial light, long work days lacking purpose and fulfillment, stress, isolation and loneliness, little natural movement and not enough sleep… No wonder most of us are unhappy! Many of his thoughts are closely related to living a low impact life which is why this concept reviberates within me. It’s time for a change. Time to understand your happiness and needs and ReWild yourself. 

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