Success factors for choosing to bike

I’ve noticed that there are a couple of things that I do that sets me up so that taking the bike doesn’t feel like too much of a hassle.

  • Electric bike. I have an electric bike that makes biking so much more enjoyable for me (since I don’t see it as exercise but transport)
  • Know where you’re going. If biking somewhere new always consult a map so you know how to get there, if you have a map with bike lanes even better
  • Dress for success. Since I live in Sweden dressing for the weather is crutial and also having clothes for all weather is important. Check the weather report and dress accordingly. For rain I have rain pants, rain jacket and rain boots. In winter I have ski pants, winter boots, winter jacket and proper gloves so that I don’t freeze.
  • Have the right equipment. Since Sweden is dark for most of the autumn/winter months proper lighting is needed to see and be seen. Also I wear a helmet, use winter tires along with a reflective vest for safety reasons. Also having a proper lock takes away the worry of your bike getting stolen.
  • Other tips. I also make sure to bring a small towel to dry the handles and saddle when it’s been raining. If it’s raining I also bring my mascara and quickly put it on when I arrive at the office so it doesn’t get smudged. I’ve also left work shoes at the office to switch to when I come in with rain/winter boots.

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