Summary March free time

March is when I finally got healthy again after being sick on and off since December. With that came the energy to meet people and do stuff! We went on our ski trip which was amazing. There we both got to do an activity that we love and hang out with friends for a full week. Around that I have managed to meet friends and family, had a full day of hanging with the gang of girls that get together now and again, had an after work with colleagues, started up our seeds, read 4 books, started going to the gym again, biking to work and of course hung out with Mr LIL and the LIL wolf. Easter was spent at the house in the achipelago with Mr LILs family.

I have been thinking about skills to learn and have landed on gardening since we will be starting the garden outside as soon as it is warm enough (still – 10 degrees in the mornings) and agility for the LIL wolf!

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