That time we bought a house!

Me and Mr LIL just bought a semi-detached house!!! It is being built at the moment and estimated time that we can move in is July next year! It is a newly built area quite close to where we live now and I will be able to get to work quite easily. We got in very early in the process and the houses haven’t even been released to the market yet. That put us in a position that we could pick the house we wanted. We were looking for a small house (which is nearly impossible to find) and this house is 76 square meters which is perfect. It is a four roomed house now but we are going to make it into a three roomed house because we don’t need four rooms. We also get our own garden!!

The foundations are already done. Our part of the house is the one to the left.

The location is amazing with forest and a nature reserve straight behind our house and a couple of minutes from the water. As soon as I saw were the houses where I got an overwhelming feeling that this is my home. It felt so right.

The forest just behind our house!

It still feels surreal because we never thought we would be able to get something that fit our wishes so compleletly. Next to the woods and water, close to Stockholm, a small house, garden AND a bath tub (my dream!).

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