The challenge with having very clear goals

I have spent a lot of time thinking and analyzing what I want to do with my life this past year. Mostly because we have embraced the concept of financial independence which has opened up a whole world of possibilities. This has lead me and Mr LIL to refine our plan for our future, the big picture homestead plan, now that we know it is possible to achieve it much faster than we thought before. With the homestead plan comes clear picture of what elements that I want in my life like more time with Mr LIL/the LIL wolf/family/friends, spending time in nature, growing food, homesteading, living in a house in the woods, hiking, writing, taking photos, reading and the list goes on. Knowing all of this makes it hard to stay focused on the present. I can’t fit all of the things I want in my life right now because we just don’t have the time and energy since we work full time.

I am very much a person that wants to take action when I make up my mind about what I want. This is a good trait at its core since I get things done but it also leads to a lot of impatience. The issue here is that even though I have made up my mind we can’t just do the things we want straight away. We have some important steps to go through on the way and need to save money first – which takes time. We want to set up a good base for our homestead plan so that we don’t rush it and end up in an unsustainable situation later on.   

I am so set on the future and everything I want to do but at the same time I don’t just want my life to pass by with me struggling though my day to day life and only looking forward to our life as it will be later. I have had (and still have) a hard time finding the right balance. I want to enjoy these coming years yet still stay focused on our long term goals. This is easier said than done and it’s a work in progress to figure out how I am going to do this.  

I have been working on a couple of strategies to help me balance the present and future:

  • creating healthy routines and minimizing decisions to eliminate stress in my life, for example having a few healthy dishes as lunches to bring to work, having less clothes to minimize choices, getting enough sleep, going to the gym
  • accepting that it is okay to take it easy in the evenings and not do lots of activities when we are tired after work
  • practicing gratitude for everything I have in my life right now
  • focusing on what I really want to spend the little time I have doing and scaling away all other things that don’t aline with what I want 
  • keep focusing on planning/researching/learning skills to prepare for future steps  
  •  track everything to see progress over time 

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