The last 2 weeks of our vacation

We are now back at work and struggling to remember what we did before our vacation just the way it’s supposed to be. I will be continuing to work mostly from home but going into work 1 day a week during the autumn. I am therefore trying to create a sustainable routine. In the spring since everything was so uncertain it felt like you took it week by week but now that I know I’ll keep working from home it’s important to create a good work-life balance and separation. It really helps that I have a proper workstation at home now where I can both sit and stand.

But back to the last 2 weeks of our vacation. We spent time in the archipelago with Mr LILs family and my mum came out over the weekend too. We had great weather so were swimming a lot!

Then we spent some time at home, swimming there too of course but also building an outdoor kitchen! I wanted someplace where I could rinse vegetables and pot plants where it doesnt matter if it gets dirty. We found a great design and set to work and I’m so happy with the outcome!

The last weekend me, Mr LIL and the LIL wolf left on a mini adventure since it was our one year anniversary since we got married. We went to Färnabofjärdens national park (one of 30 in Sweden) and rented a cottage. I will write about our time there in a separate post.

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