The right choice

The more and more I get to think about our house the better it feels. For the past two years Mr LIL and I have been struggling to find a housing solution that fits our needs. Since we didn’t get to move to the tiny house my head has been everywhere and calculated every option. It’s been a whirlwind of either looking at houses an hour from Stockholm which would mean new house, new job and new doggy daycare for the LIL wolf at the same time or getting an apartment in Stockholm on the bottom floor with a outdoor square of grass. As I wrote in my post our big picture plan we have a plan of creating a homestead for ourselves. The hardest part for me is that when I have figured out what I want I want it RIGHT NOW and if not right now I want to be taking steps towards getting there. It’s been a struggle to see that a homestead isn’t right for us at the moment and to let it go for now.

As I look at our future now I know that the choice to buy the house and not a homestead property was the right one. A homestead would have been way too much work to balance with normal full time employment. It would also be very isolating in the near future when we will probably have a child and would want to have people around us. When we dig deeper what we really are looking for is a life where we have time with each other and time to do the things we love.

The house is a perfect solution for us in the coming period of life where we have a house with a small garden and the forest just outside our door. We also get a closeness to the city, our jobs, our friends and family, the LIL wolfs doggy daycare and (eventually) kindergarden. It will be a simpler life yet we will still have the ability to incorporate the homesteading lifestyle on a small scale. We can grow some vegetables and I can keep learning to take care of animals at the 4H farm. Mr LIL is getting his hunting license and can spend time learning to hunt. Instead of growing our own food we can support local farms and organic food by buying it. We can work on living the low impact life where we are. We also have our little house in the woods in the archipelago where we can spend some weekends and go to during the summer. This combination feels amazing. We want a life of fulfillment and maybe we don’t have to go all in straight away to get there.

I grew up in a house and know how much work just a house takes let alone a house with a barn, shed and other buildings along with a large garden and animals. This coupled with a fulltime job and probably long commutes and eventually a new born baby just wasn’t the right fit in our lives at this moment. We wound rather see that I don’t have to spend my days at home with the baby trying to get things done and that Mr LIL can come home and spend time with the baby rather than start on a huge list of tasks. A very important part is that we want to be able to have time to create a homestead life which means that we need to be in a financial position where we aren’t dependent on fulltime jobs to make it work. This house feel like a perfect middle ground of having outdoor space and the woods easily available but not at such a large scale that it would be hard to balance everything and that it would take its toll on our finances.

We haven’t forgotten about our homesteading plan just landed in the fact that it doesn’t have to happen right now. Me and Mr LIL watch an amazing documentary that really touched us called the Biggest Little Farm and I still have a longing for the homesteading life (maybe not on the scale that the couple in the documentary have) but I feel okay with it coming later in life.

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