Three months with little LIL

I cant believe its almost been three months since this little bundle took over our lives. Its so interesting how our lives changed in a second and now have a completely different focus. And the amazing thing is that it feels so natural. I am so happy to spend my whole days feeding her, changing diapers and interacting with her. To see her smile at me with her big toothless grin melts my heart every time.

Little LIL is a very calm and mostly content baby, she eats and she sleeps well at night so we have definately gotten an easy start to parenthood. The only thing we have to deal with is that she throws up a lot. And I mean A LOT. So we’re constantly dealing with wet clothes for both me and her.

Mr LIL had 5 weeks holiday this summer which was amazing. Having him around so much has been great and he and little LIL have spent a lot of time together. We have been out at our summer place in the archipelago, a friends summer place and home.

Mr LIL is back at work now so little LIL and me are getting used to being at home during the days. I try to be outside with little LIL as much as possible now that it is cooler weather. We hang out in an UV tent we got from our neighbours.

I have gotten so inspired to take little LIL on hikes in the forest in a baby carrier after finding @moonfamilylife Instagram account. We’ve been on two short walks in the nature reserve behind our house this week. I had her in the newborn carrier that we bought but I have another carrier which takes her weight on my hips that I want to use so I dont just use only my back. I am waiting for the newborn insert that I have bought (second hand) and then we can take longer trips.

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