Three year anniversary

The plan was to go to a pool and spa and relax for our three year anniversary but the LIL wolf wasn’t feeling her best (no need to go into details here…) so there was a change of plan. Instead we stayed home and decorated our very first Christmas tree while snacking on bacon wrapped dates, gluten free ginger bread and brie and mulled wine. And since we never have pizza usually we made gluten free pop pizza for dinner and topped off the evening with rewatching the first Lord of the Rings movie. So our anniversary turned out really nice anyways (although we’re still planning on going to the pool when it works out).

The time with Mr LIL feels both really long and really short at the same time. We’ve done so much and developed ourselves a lot since we’ve been together so it feels weird that it’s only been three years. What I love most about our relationship is not the cool holidays and perfect date nights but that every single normal day I feel happy and blessed to share my life with him. It really is the small things like walking the LIL wolf together, sitting on the couch doing different things but now and then connecting, cooking together, falling asleep together, looking over at the other person in social settings and thinking that you’re mine, getting a text during the day of silly clips or something that reminded the other person of you, making plans for our future, greeting each other when we come home and so much more. It all adds up to become the beautiful thing that is our relationship. Don’t get me wrong the holidays are great too it’s just that we’re not zoned out waiting for them but enjoying every single day.

This ties in so nicely with our goal of frugality and working towards financial independence because the things I mentioned don’t cost money and what we want most is just to have time together. We only live once so having to spend the next 40 years coming home tired and stressed from work with no energy for each other and only having limited vacation days together is not what we want. Instead we think it’s worth giving up dinners out, expensive and frequent holidays abroad, fancy cars, unnecessary stuff and a large home to be able to have more time for us and what we want to do and not having to worry about money. I’m looking forward to what the next three years will bring 🙂

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