Time flies

I can’t believe that I’m on my 9th week of working from home! Now it feels like my normal routine. The LIL wolf is out in the archipelago with mr LILs parents because she gets so bored at home when I’m working all day. I’m in a very intense work period right now so doesnt feel good to just let her lie around all day. She is so much happier running free at our summer place!

Apart from work most of our time is dedicated to getting the remodeling of the second floor finished. I will write another post with the details when it is done. Hopefully it will be the last push this weekend and then our new bed is coming the weekend after. When that comes we can move up to our bedroom and start unpacking all our things. Right now every available space is brimming over with stuff and there is dust every where! I’m looking forward to getting everything in order soon!

Some pictures from the areas around our house:

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