Tunnel Run Citybanan

Picture taken mid run during Tunnel Run! The run was 7,6 km and I ran it with the time 42.31. That’s a pace of just under 6 minutes per kilometer which I’m happy with! Not as fast as I usually run but considering that there was no music allowed, new setting, quite steep slopes at the end and longer than I usually run I thought it was good. I’m very happy with the fact that I didn’t stop and walk any parts. Not even the slope with 14% incline at the end which was quite challenging to run up.

The tunnel was large and with a high ceiling so it wasn’t claustrophobic at all which I was a little nervous over before the run. This was my first arranged run and I think I’ll definitely do more. This summer there is a run called Midnattsloppet (midnight run) which John is going to run that I might sign up for through my company that have tickets for it (like this run).

Since it’s waffle day today me and John treated ourselves to waffles with cream and berries!

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