Ulriksdals Palace

We went to Ulriksdals Palace for our walk today. We have been there many times before but this time instead of walking in the palace park with its neatly trimmed trees and bushes and cut grass we headed into the trees at a random spot. We found an old forest with so many beautiful old pines and firs. It was a lovely walk but there was a lot of noise from the big road close by unfourtunately so it was pretty loud.

I was looking for colour and I really like that the coniferus trees keep the forest green. There are also rosehip shrubs with their red berries and the rowan trees have lots of berries this year. It is supposed to be a sign that there is going to be a cold winter. Since it is still around 10 degrees celcius (which is very warm for late November) we haven’t seen a hint of a cold winter yet but I am keeping my hopes up. I love snow! Usually we get a snow storm in October/November that usually melts away but there hasn’t been one yet.

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