Waiting game

Now it is one week until my due date! So far no signs that she wants to come out earlier. I stopped working two weeks back which has been really nice and relaxing. Just taking each day as it comes, reading, fixing at home, walking the LIL wolf, watching series, meeting some friends and family outdoors and taking power naps. We have got everything we need for little LIL so now we’re just waiting for her to arrive. It could be another three weeks so trying not to get too hung up on her due date.

My friends had organized a small baby shower outside a couple of weeks ago which was so nice. Mr LIL had put up a tent that we could sit under so it worked out even though it was cold and rainy. I got so many hand crafted presents, it seems like many of my friends have started corona hobbies like knitting and crochet. And I love that they have spent time making things for little LIL!

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