We’re on vacation!

Our vacation is finally here! We booked it so long ago that it felt like this day was ages away. Now we’re at the airport enjoying a coffee while we’re waiting for our first flight over to Helsinki.

We will be away for 2,5 weeks which feels like a long time! Mostly it’s a long time to be away from the LIL wolf! We left her at doggy daycare this morning which was quite hard since we love being with her and have never been without her for this long before. But she will have a great time with my mum and Mr LILs parents!

I am so excited to see Japan and go skiing! The weather looks great for our skiing part of the vacation. It’s supposed to be sunny and a couple of minus degrees for the days that I can see.

It was quite hard to pack since we’re both going skiing where it’s minus degrees and to two cities where it’s around 15 degrees celsius. But I think I manged to pack clothes for a broad spectrum of weather!

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