What now?

It’s been fairly quiet on the blog lately. We’ve been on vacation which is one reason but since we got back I have felt kind of lost. We poured a lot of hopes and dreams into the tiny house build and now it feels like we’ve taken a step backwards in some ways. We will no longer have a garden to go outside in or somewhere to grow vegetables. We were going to save lots of money towards our financial independence goal through house hacking which we won’t be able to do now. So it has been hard to settle back to just living in the apartment when we have worked towards a different future.

I have been thinking about all possible alternatives of what to do next and tried to figure out how each scenario could work. I made a huge document with the pros and cons of every alternative and seen that most come with pros but also a lot of situations that are complex and hard to figure out. Most of the alternatives also take us off the path to FI. Since house prices are so expensive in Stockholm we would have to take huge loans and if we move further out to get lower prices I will have a huge commute or have to change jobs (and environmental jobs in smaller towns don’t grow on trees…). Of course everything is doable if you really want it but I have felt increasingly like none of the alternatives feel like a good path forward at this point.

Then I started to look at our life here in the apartment and all the pros that it has. When I was searching for greener grass I could only see the cons. We have a great doggy daycare for the LIL wolf, I get to walk her there every morning through quiet neighborhoods and parks which I love, it takes me 10 min on the subway to get to work, I enjoy my work and have only been there 1 year now so I don’t really want to change jobs, it is close to family and friends, it is the right size for us now (most houses are so big!), we can save money, it is very little maintenance, it’s close to big roads so it is easy for Mr LIL to get to work, the public transport with a subway line (and another one being built), communter trains, trams and busses all within 5 minutes walk and biking distance to central Stockholm is fantastic, we have our gym down the street and cheap food stores close. The area is also getting a new vibe from being quite a rough area by a football stadium (which they had already torn down when we moved here) that is now being built into a new modern office and a housing area so we are hoping that apartments in the area will go up when its done (in 2020 sometime) and the area get more life.

So the more I’ve been thinking the more I have come to first accept and now actually fully appreciate all the good things about our life in the apartment. It is not like we want to live here forever but for now it feels like the right path to stay here for around two more years. We will then be 30, have saved a lot of money, the area has hopefully appreciated the value of our apartment and I will have worked at my job for 3 years so I might be ready to change jobs. I think at that point we will be in a better place to take on a new adventure in the form of moving from Stockholm to a house further out!

Now my thoughts have been going instead to how do we get our life here closer to the homesteading life we want to live. I love the phrase homestead where you are. Meaning that you don’t need a huge farm to be a homesteader. There are lot’s of things that you can do that aren’t connected to having lots of land. I have already started volonteering at the farm to learn more about animal husbandry, now that spring is coming we can forage wild plants and dive into that, we can also grow as much as we can fit on our balcony and in the apartment and I have started enjoying cooking food from scratch. We can also integrate getting out to the forests around us more not just on the weekends but during the week days after dinner now that it is getting lighter.

So to sum everything up I have changed my rush to figure out what comes next to a focus on the life that we have right now. It took going through all the different alternatives to realize that we have a good life where we are!

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