Low Impact Life Series #6

The Low Impact Life series is a way to capture what it actually looks like to live a frugal low impact life. From my point of view it feels like it isn’t much different from living a “normal” life but I thought that it might be fun sharing aspects of my life that maybe stray somewhat from norm for inspiration and tips. So I will share posts on Saturdays with short frugal or low impact tips that I do in my own life.

I don’t have the Microsoft office package on my computer and haven’t had it for years. Instead I use a combination of mostly Google Drive and also Open Office when I want to write something or make a spread sheet. Both these programs have enough funtions for basic writing, spread sheets and presentations and I think they work great. It is obviously not a huge expense but I haven’t seen the need to have it for the latest 5 years so I will keep using Google Drive which also makes the document accessible from anywhere.

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