Low Impact Life Series #7

The Low Impact Life series is a way to capture what it actually looks like to live a frugal low impact life. From my point of view it feels like it isn’t much different from living a “normal” life but I thought that it might be fun sharing aspects of my life that maybe stray somewhat from norm for inspiration and tips. So I will share posts on Saturdays with short frugal or low impact tips that I do in my own life.

The aspect of our lives that I want to focus on today is frugal hobbies. Me and Mr LIL packed lunches and filled our thermoses wit hot coffee and set off into the woods on a hike! We love hiking and since we have the LIL wolf this has become one of our new hobbies that the three of us can share.

Me and Mr LIL have both been through a variety of different hobbies like american fotball, water polo and guitar lessons for Mr LIL and dance, horseback riding and playing the flute in my case. While we enjoyed them greatly and they had their time but now we see hobbies a bit differently. Our main hobby now is the LIL wolf and that means that hiking gets to play a bigger role in our lives since we have to walk her every day. In both time and money it is smarter to view the LIL wolf as our hobby since if we had hobbies that didn’t involve her it would compete with the time we had to spend with her and also bring the total cost of our hobbies up.

We also have gardening as our other hobby. It has an important role in our lives because we want to grow our own food and it gives us knowledge for future plans and we also get to eat what we produce. Other hobbies I have include reading books, this blog and photography. Looking at frugality linked to these three hobbies: the library makes reading books cheaper, the cost for the blog is very low considering all the practice on writing and creating I am recieving and I bought my camera second hand and took a class in photography as a part of high school. Since there is so many ways to learn things online there isn’t the same need to attend classes to learn something new, you can just watch a youtube tutorial for example. So thinking about what role hobbies play in your life and what you can do to make them cheaper or switch to hobbies that are free is an important piece in living a frugal life.

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