Low Impact Life Series #8

The Low Impact Life series is a way to capture what it actually looks like to live a frugal low impact life. From my point of view it feels like it isn’t much different from living a “normal” life but I thought that it might be fun sharing aspects of my life that maybe stray somewhat from norm for inspiration and tips. So I will share posts on Saturdays with short frugal or low impact tips that I do in my own life.

Me and Mr LIL didn’t eat out that much before we found FI and started to go down the frugal path more actively but now and again we would buy dinner or take out and also go out to restaurants with friends. These days we cook our own food 99% of the time and also like I brought up in the LIL series #2 we buy frozen pizzas to keep in the freezer so when we do get pecky we don’t go out and buy it. We couldn’t even remember the last time we ate at a restaurant or got take out.

The great thing with doing it so infrequently is that when we do actually go out or get take out it is a huge treat! Like last night when we had a Japan themed date night with the focus of planning our upcoming Japan trip. We bought sushi (I have not been a huge sushi eater so I wanted to try it again before we go to Japan) and sake and sat down to research and figue out where we wanted to go (other than the 6 days in the ski resort Hakuba). The evening was a success and now we have a list of things we want to do and know how many nights we need to book in Kyoto and how many in Tokyo. We then finished the evening off watching an anime movie called Summer Wars. Both me and Mr LIL are anime and manga fans and have watched a lot of anime films and read manga comics when we were younger. And now that we have found eachother this has become a shared interest of ours and we watch anime series and movies together which is so much fun! I have always felt that my interest in anime/manga was so geeky/weird since no one else I knew liked it so it feels nice to share it with Mr LIL so we can at least be geeky together. It is this interest and the rumoured amazing powder snow that has us wanting to visit Japan.

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