Always be prepared to minimize impact and spending

We have all been there, hungry, tired and desperate for something to snack on. Or it’s 30 degrees out and we’re super thirsty so we buy some bottled water. Or our energy is running low and we need a coffee NOW. Or we ended up buying that super expensive meal at the airport. Or we didn’t have a bag with us to the grocery store so we had to buy a plastic bag. All of these scenarios cost money and usually come in single use plastics/packaging. And all of these scenarios arise due to a lack of planning. So what can you do? Always have a plan and always be prepared!

What to bring everyday

I always bring a bag with me so that I have all the things that I need to avoid plastic and buying unecessary things when out and about. The things I bring are: spoon/fork, glass bottle of water, an extra cotton bag, some kind of frugal snack (like nuts or a boiled egg), a reusable travel coffee mug if I think I need it and if you are a girl a menstrual cup/nature sponge so that you aren’t caught of guard.

What to bring to work

I always bring lunch in a glass food box to work to save money and be able to eat healthier (having all the options in a restaurant makes it harder to resist unhealthy options). I have a glass water bottle that I have at my desk and can also bring it with me if I am going to meetings so that I don’t have to take a single use plastic cup if I get thirsty. We have free coffee machines at work so I don’t need to bring coffee but if you don’t have that you can bring coffee/tea with you in a thermos or if you have somewhere to boil water you can have a french coffee press at work. And always have at least one snack because when three o’clock comes around that sugar craving might make itself heard and you want a healthy snack close so that you don’t run down to the cafeteria/a cafĂ© and get a chocolate muffin…

What to bring to the food store

We always bring a backpack and cotton bags to pack our groceries in so that we don’t need to buy plastic bags. We haven’t really gotten to the stage of bringing our own containers but I think we will start doing this in the near future. And make sure that you have eaten something before you go shopping. I am going to write a seprate post on food shopping and cooking.

What to bring when travelling

This scenario is similar to the first one but I will often pack a larger or multiple snacks since stuff happens when travelling. If I am on a train or bus I usually bring a food box if I know it will stretch over either lunch or dinner and coffee in a thermos. If I am flying somewhere water is harder to bring, some airports allow you to fill up an empty waterbottle when you get in (like Oslos airport, yay!) which you can ask. I also bring lots of snacks especially if it is a long flight since for some reason I always get peckish when travelling and I don’t want to give in and buy an expensive snack.

So these are the ways that I always am prepared so that I don’t get stuck having to buy something that isn’t necessary. That way I am meeting both my goals of saving money and reducing my impact on the environment.

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