Challenge: photograph your plastic waste

I was reading a post on the blog My Plastic Free Life about a challenge to photograph your plastic waste for at least a week. I thought it would be very interesting to actually see how much plastic we throw away considering that we try to minimize our plastic consumption so I started a two week long challenge. Below is my result and I haven’t tried to minimize my plastic more than I usually do.

It was an interesting experiment that shows that eventhough we live a lifestyle where we avoid buying all uneccessary plastic and single use items we still throw away plastic almost eveyday. Which is almost 100% food packaging. Our other culprit is the packaging for the LIL wolf frozen food. Food packaging is an area that I will continue working on since I think it is very hard to avoid it but there is always more we can do. I definitely get inspired by the zero waste movement although I don’t think we’ll ever be fully zero waste we will strive to get as close to it as possible while still keeping a frugal food budget (see my post on this topic here). I will write a separate post on ways to avoid plastic packaging.

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