“Flight shame”

Flygskam or “flight shame” has been a buzzword in Sweden for some time now. It implies that you shouldn’t fly because of the climate impact that flying leads to. It has resulted in people thinking more about their trips and a trend of staycations and people traveling by train more. Some people have also sworn off flying completely. It is an area that most people can’t think to change. Me and Mr LIL also find it hard. We haven’t sworn off flying and have been to both Japan and Spain this year. Japan was on both of our top lists of places to see. We also went on our honeymoon to Spain which was a gift from Mr LILs parents that have just bought an apartment there. I think that if we hadn’t got the trip we might have gone to our tiny house in the archipelago or rented a cabin somewhere in Sweden. It was a very generous gift and obviously not something we wanted to say no to because of “flight shame”.

Me and Mr LIL have tried to minimize our flying the past couple of years and only fly to places we really want to visit. Not just flying somewhere to “get some sun” which is something many Swedes do or flying over to New York for a long weekend of shopping. What gets us is our passion for skiing and we love the alps which aren’t comparable to the Swedish ski resorts (which are so much smaller). When I was at university we went to the alps by bus but it took ages! Around 22 hours and that was from the south of Sweden. To travel from Stockholm you need to add another 8 hours and it just isn’t doable. So our love for skiing leads to at least one round trip to Europe by plane each year.

Skiing in amazing powder in the French alps!

Both me and Mr LIL have had the privilege of traveling a lot with our families growing up so we have got to experience how it is to travel to different places around the world. We have concluded that both of us are homebodies at heart. We feel exactly like the Swedish phrase “borta bra men hemma bäst” which translates to “away is good but home is best”. We have no desire for a life spent traveling (that many other FI people plan to do when reaching financial independece).

Me at Chichen Itza in Mexico

Me and Mr LIL have gone on adventurous trips together like exploring Iceland and hiking in Norway. We have also been on long weekend trips to Amsterdam and London but have since felt that these kinds of short trips to cities aren’t really what give us joy so we will probably not go on more trips of that kind. The one exception might be to visit friends that live in other cities, for example we have two friends that live in Brussels at the moment so we might go there.


Next year we are going on our second honeymoon to Canada which was also what we asked for as a wedding gift from our guests. Planning both the trip and the wedding at the same time wasn’t something that we had the energy to do and going on an adventurous trip straight after the wedding would have been too much. This way we get some time to plan the trip (and some more vacation days). Canada is also a place that both me and Mr LIL really have wanted to visit for a long time. We are planning on staying for 2,5 weeks like Japan to justify such a long flight. We have also just booked our ski trip to Italy which makes two round trips by plane next year.

The alps again <3

These longer trips that we have taken the past two years are not something that we see we will continue with. Both Japan and Canada have been two places that we really want to travel too before we have a child and therefore it is something we want to fit in now. After going to Canada though I don’t see any more big trips for us. We don’t really have any more far away places we want to visit enough to justify the CO2 emissions. Other than skiing in the alps I see staycations at our tiny house in the archipelago and hiking in Norway and Sweden as our future holiday plans. So while we haven’t sworn off flying we have minimized and prioritized our trips carefully.

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