Growing our own food 2019

Since we didn’t have access to a garden this year I couldn’t do much on the grow your own food front. I grew some tomatoes and carrots on our balcony that I have been able to harvest now! I’ve got quite a lot of my blue tomatoes and they taste soooo good! I’m letting them get ripe inside now since it has started to get cold at night.

We’ve started to eat our small multicolored carrots that I grew in a pot

It wasn’t really a sustainable solution since the tomatoes took over the whole balcony and we couldn’t really be out there. I gave some away to my mum and we took some out with us to our summer place (not easy trying to get them into our Polo when they had already become really tall…). So I have put my growing ambitions on the shelf for now and have moved all my garden things to the attic. Because of the move next summer to our house I won’t have the possibility to grow anything so my plan is to grow food in pallets in our own garden(!!!!) the year after!

this was our balcony after I had started to give most of the plants new homes

We don’t usually eat fruit both from a health stand point and from an environmental one. The one exeption is when we pick our own apples in the beginning of autumn. This year I made some apple pies and dried apple snacks and eating them just as they are of course.

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