Insights from the 10 item wardrobe challenge

Now I have finished the 10 item wardrobe challenge and wanted to share some thoughts that I had during these two weeks. Here are some of my outfits:

First of all I have to tell you that it has been extremely hot summer weather here in Sweden for the past three weeks (and it’s supposed to continue for at least another week). Usually we might have one or two days of hot weather in May so that it has been cloudless skies with 25-30 degrees celcius for more than three weeks (its’ been hotter here than Spain) has never happened since temperature measurments began (hello climate change?!?). I hadn’t really prepared for this weather when choosing the clothes for the two weeks otherwise I would have picked more clothes suited for hot weather.

Insight #1

There is a mental barrier around wearing the same clothes. My mental barrier for wearing the same clothes was harder to get over than expected. I thought that I wouldn’t care that much since I am not super interested in “fashion” but I actually thought it was boring to have so little choice and of course a large dose of what would my colleagues think of me wearing the same clothes over and over.

Insight #2

When you have few clothes you need to wash a lot (which we don’t do) and especially in hot weather. Since we don’t wash that often I therefore could use fewer and fewer of my ten items which lead to me breaking the challenge at the end of week two and wearing a new dress and top because everything else was dirty/smelly. This is an aspect I don’t think is very good since washing often (and with close to empty machines) isn’t good for the environment and uses a lot of water. You could get past this by maybe having lots of black and white tops but all the other items will have to be washed sooner or later (and in hot weather it will be sooner).

Insight #3

Accessories become more important. I found myself using scarves and jewelry more often during these two weeks than I normally do. Accessories create variety and I found myself craving that since I was wearing the same clothes.

All in all I had a harder time with this challenge than I originally thought. It was very good to test the limits of the capsule wardrobe so that I now can find a level that feels comfortable for me. I definitely like having a limited amount of clothes that I love wearing compared to having a wardrobe that is busting by the seams with clothes I never use but the challenge made realize that 10 items is way to few and the amount of clothes that I have (maybe 30-40 items per season) is what I think works for me. This isn’t to say that I encourage everyone to buy lots of clothes. My principles are still to only own clothes that you use, use them up and to only buy second hand.

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