Low impact baby

I thought a lot about the environmental impact of having a child and of course wanted to try to have as low impact as possible. The areas below are the ones we are working on.

Second hand

When I was pregnant I started looking for baby things on the second hand market. There are so many baby things circulating that buying new is just crazy. We could have waited until after little LIL was born to see what we needed but then we could have easily slipped into buying more things new because we needed them straight away. Instead I had the time to find and buy almost everything I thought could be helpful for this first period. You can of course get buy without most things but we have actually used almost everything we bought. And the things we dont use we can always sell.

I am happy to say that the things we’ve bought new can be counted on one hand. We got our baby monitor, a newborn carrier, sheets to the crib and a life vest new. Everything else we’ve bought second hand.

One of the things we haven’t used yet is the crib since me and little LIL co-sleep. We will probably co-sleep for a long time so it is something we really could have put off buying. But since we didnt know how the sleeping arrangement was going to turn out I thought it could be good to have one at the time.

We also bought a baby wrap second hand but I didnt have the patience for it and since little LIL pukes a lot I’d pretty much have to start over every time she puked. That is why we bought a newborn carrier new instead. Otherwise I think we’ve used everything.

Clothes are tricky because they grow out of them so fast. If we didnt have a baby that puked so much it would have been easier and we could have less clothes. So far we have had almost enough through gifts and hand me downs from neighbours, friends and family. I’ve only had to get some extra season apropriate clothes on the second hand market.

Reduce disposables

The amount of diapers and wipes that little LIL goes through in a day is crazy. We mostly use disposable diapers but I have bought 10 cloth diapers and I am going by the pinciple even if we just use one or two cloth diapers a day its still 365 or 730 diapers per year we have kept from using. On the website where I got the cloth diapers they state that one diaper period is around 6000 diapers!!

We have also got:

  • reusable wipes that we wet and use if shes only peed
  • an amazing amount of small towels that we use for puke
  • washable nursing pads
  • washable mats that we have under little LIL if there are accindents on the changing table

This of course means a lot of washing but since we have a lot of water in Stockholm and we have green electricity its a very good option compared to using items that just get thrown away.


We haven’t yet gotten to her birthday parties yet so we’ll see how we tackle them. I have some good ideas though. We had LILs naming ceremony recently. To keep it as low impact as possible we made apple crumble with apples from nearby trees. We borrowed plates and used our cups and cutlery so that we didnt use any single use items and we made decorations with apples and other things from nature.

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