Low Impact Life Series #2

The Low Impact Life series is a way to capture what it actually looks like to live a frugal low impact life. From my point of view it feels like it isn’t much different from living a “normal” life but I thought that it might be fun sharing aspects of my life that maybe stray somewhat from norm. So I will share a post every Saturday with short frugal or low impact tips that I do in my own life.

When me and me and Mr LIL are slightly hungover and craving a certain type of food (that might pizza). For chosen moments we do sometimes cheat and indulge in something that isn’t in our normal diet. Wanting some hangover food for the rare times we are hung over nowadays is such an instant. So here comes the frugal part, instead of buying pizza at our nearby pizzeria we keep gluten free frozen pizzas in the freezer for occasions like these. So we satisfied our craving for 40kr instead of 110kr each!


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