Low Impact shaving

I bought a safety razor a while back to replace my plastic razor. I still had some plastic heads left so I wanted to use them up first and to be honest I have been stalling a while… I was nervous to use the safety razor in case I cut myself. I gave myself a kick in the butt last week and watched some youtube videos of people shaving with safety razors to learn the gist of it (and how to open it to put the razor blade in – who knew you had to spin the top??). On Saturday I tried shaving with it and it went smoothly (haha)! No cuts and it was easy to do. The secret is to not apply pressure which you can do with a normal razor, use lots of lather, short strokes and to not stress the procedure.   

Now that I have gotten over my initial fear I will definitely continue with the safety razor since I’m going to be able to use it for the rest of my life if I take care of it. And the razor blades can be recycled and are packaged in paper. The ones I bought cost 39kr for 10 razor blades so 3,9kr each which is a lot cheaper than the razor heads you buy in the store where you pay around 200kr for 4 heads. You can’t recycle the heads either since they are metal and plastic mixed together. Yet another plastic item eliminated from my bathroom cabinet!   

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