Our first year of growing our own vegetables part 1

Learning how to grow our own vegetables is part of our journey to become more self sustaining which is part of our homestead plan. This is our first year we are trying this out and decided to pretty much go all in. We have three approaches that I have divided up into three posts and then I will of course give updates on the harvest (that we hopefully get). In this first post I will be describing how we started our seeds indoors.

In April we started off with sowing A LOT of tomato, chili and bell pepper seeds inside. Since it is our first year we wanted to make sure that we got something from all our work so we might have over done it slightly but time will tell…

planting our seeds

As the seedlings became bigger we had to repot them. It was also at this stage that I mixed up all the chili and bell pepper plants which look the same so I have no idea which is which. I guess I will find out when they start growing!

Since we had sown so many seeds the plants started taking up more and more space as they grew. Eventually all our plants no longer fit in our shelves with lighting so we had to start using the windowsill aswell.

cherry tomatoes in our little greenhouse
some of our plants got a new home on the windowsill

The plants soon outgrew the windowsill too so Mr LIL and I built a shelf for the window so that we could get more space.

chillis or bell peppers on our new shelf

Mr LIL also managed to scavenge save an old terrarium at our cleaning day for the apartment building that became a great greenhouse!

In May we started getting our tomatoes used to being outside so we had them out during the evening for a couple of days before letting them stay permanently outside. That was also when we sowed zuchini seeds.

The chilis/bell peppers are still kept inside since we don’t intend to plant them outside. We have 5 of them that are absolutely thriving and have out grown the windowsill and about another 10 smaller ones.

It is so much fun to grow our own vegetables. Much more fun than I thought it would be. I love the insight into how much time goes in to growing food which has lead to me seeing vegetables in food stores in a completely different way. We were careful to eat everything we bought before but now even more so. I can’t think of anything worse than throwing something away that has taken so much resources and time to grow. The next part will be about starting our garden outside. Stay tuned!

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