Our first year of growing our own vegetables part 2

Learning how to grow our own vegetables is part of our journey to become more self sustaining which is part of our homestead plan. This is our first year we are trying this out and decided to pretty much go all in. We have three approaches that I have divided up into three posts then I will of course give updates on the harvest (that we hopefully get). In this post I will be describing the process of starting a garden outside. Part 1 is about starting seeds indoors.

Deciding on what we wanted to grow and how much was a bit tricky. There are so many vegetables to choose from! Since it is our first year we wanted to grow things that weren’t too hard so that we could hopefully be successful. We took two really easy vegetables to be on the safe side: onions and carrots and then two “harder” ones: spinach and sugar snaps. In addition we bought some strawberry plants.

We started the whole process off by rescuing old pallet frames which are easier to grow plants in. The next step was digging up the lawn which was mostly grassy moss with clay underneath. We bought soil, some cow manure and could also use soil from my dad’s compost heap which we mixed and planted our seeds in.

Since it was freakishly hot in Sweden in May we had to go over to my dads garden and water the plants a lot and they started to grow fairly quickly.

A couple of weeks later:

Home grown strawberries – YUM!

In the beginning of June it was time to plant our tomatoes in the garden since our balcony was overflowing. Since tomatoes like to have it warm we built a green house from rescued wood and building plastic. Our zucchinis also needed more space so we built a smaller greenhouse for them.

The last thing we’ve done is install an irrigation system with a soaker hose and a normal hose that we put together. The whole thing is on a timer so that the plants get watered every day.

So our setup is pretty much done at this point. We still have loads of tomato plants at our apartment but I think these will have to live on the balcony when they get big enough because we don’t have any more space in the garden… It will be so interesting to see how much we will be able to harvest this summer! Hopefully enough that we can start to learn how to preserve food.

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